Monday, 13 June 2011


Well it is that time again, what should I make for dinner tonight… Better grab the “Best Damn Cookbook Period!”

1. Pork Back Ribs with B.B King’s Blues Club and Restaurant Dry Spice Rub
2. Hard Rock Café Homemade Onion Rings
3. Corn & Beans
4. Special Homemade Onion Ring Sauce


Want to make fall off the bone ribs but don’t have the time to slow-cook them…

Many people tell you, if you do not have the time available to slow-cook the ribs you should boil them… NO… they could not be more wrong. When you boil meat you loose nutrients, flavor and texture. 

What you want to do is grab a roasting pan. In this roasting pan you want to create a marinade/sauce/steaming liquid (approximately an inch deep). You then want to place a rack that sits approximately 1-2 inches above your marinade in the roasting pan. By placing the meat upon a rack within the roasting pan, you are not only flavoring the meat in its natural juices but you are cooking and flavoring the meat even more with the steam.

I always use juice (apple, pineapple, sometimes orange), water, garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, ketchup and liquid smoke (Bull’s Eye or other hickory smoked B.B.Q sauces can take the place of ketchup and liquid smoke) for my mixture at the bottom of the roasting pan. It just adds that extra something!

I tend to set the oven at 250 degrees F for approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours.

I will flip the ribs over (I always start with the meaty side down) with 30 – 40 mins left and to make sure that there is still steaming liquid in the roasting pan. (If there is no liquid or starting to run dry add a little more juice or water).

15 – 20 minutes before I pull the ribs out of the oven I start getting the B.B.Q. ready.  I like to get the grill as hot as possible and make sure she is clean. A couple minutes before you put your ribs on reduce the heat to a minimum. The reason behind this method is that when you put the ribs on your grill (meat side down) you sear in all the juices and avoid flare-ups.

Maintaining the low / low-medium temperature I grill the ribs for 20 minutes on the meat side and then 15 minutes on the bone side.

If there is liquid left at the bottom of the roasting pan you may choose to baste the ribs as they grill, or start to experiment and ad some honey, or your favorite B.B.Q. sauce, maybe even jazz them up with a few shakes of your favorite seasoning.

- That’s just one of the little tricks I use when making ribs… Enjoy!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Here We Go...

Dear Friends,

We all love dining out or ordering in from Americas favorite restaurants; Enjoying the mouthwatering dishes created by the Culinary Artists (Chefs) behind the scenes using their secret recipes… Right?

Of course, we all do…


Simple… Their food is Damn GOOD!

Well… In what I believe is the “Best Damn Cookbook(s) Period,” you’re taught the secrets behind actual dishes from restaurants like; The Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili’s, The Cheese Cake Factory, KFC and many others.

YOU! Yes you, can be the Culinary Artist behind recreating everyone’s favorite dishes… Preparing sinful deserts, flavorful appetizers and mouthwatering entries for your family and friends tonight and every night, for a fraction of the cost that’s associated with dining out or ordering in.

The name of this cookbook… That would be “AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2.” And the creative talents behind these masterpieces… That’s Best Selling Cookbook Author, Ron Douglas and Recipe Quality Manager, Chef Tom Grossmann.

Let me just say… “Thanks Guys!!!”

NOW STOP! I know what you’re thinking to yourself… “This is just another affiliate marketer trying to push and sell a bunch of products that they have never even purchased or tried before.”

THAT’S NOT ME… Yes, there is the potential for money to be made if you purchase  “AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2” cookbooks through my affiliate web link… And if you do, lets face it that would be awesome and I would like to say thank-you, thank-you very much! BUT, I am actually here to invite you, your family and friends to follow the adventures, mishaps and triumphs that my family and I have as we attempt to recreate dishes from what I feel is the “Best Damn Cookbook(s) Period…” “AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2” in our own kitchen! We’ll also recreate dishes from the “7 FREE BONUS COOKBOOKS” that we received when we purchased our copy of “AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2.”

This is a little off topic here but let me tell you, it truly is an amazing deal for only $29.97 (Limited Time Sale Price)… and your purchase is backed by a 60 Day, 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee! AWSOME, COMPLETELY AWSOME!

HOW CAN YOU FOLLOW US… Well that’s simple. Starting off we’re going to have a Facebook page, a Blog, and a Twitter account; through these social networks we can post our menus, shopping lists, food preparation challenges & tricks as well as any cooking tips and difficulties we come across. It will also give us the perfect place to post pictures, have discussions, answer questions and just socialize.  Eventually we will be looking at adding YouTube and possibly a webpage.


CAN WE COOK… I would like to think so; I would not say we are master chefs, but I have personally boiled a pot of water on my own! As for my wife’s culinary skills, well let’s just say, she DEFINATLY knows a thing or two! My son who is coming up on his 14th birthday will also be joining us in the kitchen to show his stuff, and for his age he is pretty damn good!

I want to be upfront and honest; my family and I have never done anything like this before and we are going to be learning as we go. Please bare with us though our growing pains and always… ALWAYS feel free to be a critic! We want, need and appreciate any & all feedback.

So… Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

I just about forgot… Here is the link to what I feel is the “Best Damn Cookbook(s) Period!” ***AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2***

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If you would like the printed version of “AMERICA’S SECRET RECIPES, Volume 1 & 2” you can have it sent to you for a small additional fee. (shipping / handling charge)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting Started!

The dream behind the "Best Damn Cookbook Period" is underway.